Hey All! Welcome back to my blog page. As we have seen the winter time season has made an early debut. Our November weather is breaking records nation wide for low temperatures. While we get out our hats, gloves, and snow pants let’s not forget about our cars! November early winter driving is the start of personal injury season due to auto accidents.

Every year it is very important to make sure your vehicle has been properly “winterized”.. oil changes, tires, wiper blades.. Check! Even though you have done these things to make sure you are safe, has everyone else?

Distracted driving and failure to maintain vehicles are the two main culprits leading toward accidents that could have been prevented. Personal injuries sharply increase in November as everyone adjusts to the new season. Is your insurance up to date and adequate? Do you know what to do if you are involved in an accident? All of these questions can be answered and more at South Metro Wellness Clinic or with one of our top attorneys Mr. Paul Otten with Otten Law Firm in Burnsville.

Remember I hope you are NEVER in an accident, but if you are call us at 952 892 5006 to schedule a chiropractic personal injury exam. Do not talk to the opposing driver’s insurance company until you have the facts and legal representation for yourself. Paul Otten is fantastic for this service. The injured have rights. Know yours before you make any decisions. Stay safe out there. In closing, as personal injuries sharply increase in November it doesn’t have to happen to you. Stay safe out there! Don’t wait to call if anything happens out on the road this month.

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