Car Accident Care

Just because your bumps and bruises are gone, that doesn’t mean you’ve full recovered from your car accident.


For your convenience, our most common customer questions pertaining to car accident care are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.


What to expect from a chiropractor after a car accident or injury?

The South Metro Wellness team would like to welcome you to our office for health and healing following the incident no matter how benign or severe. On your first visit expect about ten minutes of paper work to describe your reason for visiting the office as well as your basic health history.

Dr. Rankin will do a short consultation with you to determine whether a focused or comprehensive exam is right for you. The exam will consist of taking vitals, performing painless orthopedic tests, checking your range of motion, and manually examining your spine for pain and dysfunction. Your spine will also be scanned by a thermal device to determine severity of inflammation in your spinal tissue. The results of your examination will be explained to you during your follow up visit.

Once your initial consultation and examination is complete you will be offered a complementary therapy to alleviate pain on your first visit as well as instructions on what to do before your follow up.

Your first visit to the office will be time efficient and painless. We will be going over what services are right for you on your second visit. Please note that all services following an accident are billed directly to your auto insurance carrier. Questions regarding that process will be answered in the clinic.

Why should I see a chiropractor immediately after my accident?

Following a collision, many people believe that their health is intact once the bumps and bruises are gone. This could not be more incorrect. While many collisions are benign and no injuries are suffered at the moment, the damage under the surface could show up weeks or even months later. This is a result of micro injury to the ligaments that connect the bones more specifically vertebrae in your spine. Muscle aches may heal quickly, but damage to joints does not. Our car accident care involves a chiropractic adjustment, designed to remove the stiffness in damaged ligaments to prevent permanent injury resulting in chronic pain, trouble sleeping, low energy, and poor range of motion. Soft tissue injuries only heal properly when monitored by a chiropractor, physical therapist, or other doctor until it is determined that your body is in pre-accident condition.

What about X rays and other imaging?

South Metro Wellness Clinic has a trusted network of professionals to manage your injury properly from start to finish. A complete examination and consultation will determine what type of imaging your body needs to ensure maximum benefit. This could be a full set of X rays if you have not already had them or an MRI at a clinic near you. You may also be referred to a pain care specialist to make you more comfortable while you return to work after the accident.

Is car accident care affordable? What about my insurance?

This is a fair and common concern many people have following a collision. If you have not already done so call your auto insurance company and report your injury. Let them know that you are planning on seeing a doctor and that you are hurt. Do not under report or discount your injury. It is going to take time for your body to heal and they understand that. The insurance company will receive claims directly from the South Metro Wellness billing department. You will not need to be responsible for paying for your care out of your pocket, or using your medical insurance at any point during the course or your care or to pay for your imaging. When you call your insurance carrier, a claim number and adjuster will be issued to you. Bring that information with you at your next chiropractic visit to South Metro Wellness Clinic.

Is massage included?

Massage services are provided in the clinic as it is a necessary part of healing soft tissue injuries. This is included in the auto claim and is billed to the insurance company the same way your chiropractic care would be. You are not responsible for paying cash for massage during the course of auto injury treatment.


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