Car accidents are an unfortunate reality in the Twin Cities every day. Here at South Metro Wellness we hope you are never injured in a car accident, but if you are there are a few things to know. Chiropractic care is necessary to help restore your spine even if you are not in a lot of pain right away. Bumps and bruises, dizziness, headaches, and swollen muscles go away with time, but one thing that will not correct itself is your spinal alignment and ligament damage under the surface. Often times it takes several weeks or months for a person to realize how injured they are and that it will not get better on its own. Reason being, ligaments are not technically soft tissue that receive the same blood flow. Bones and ligaments are hard tissue. Therefore the healing time required is much longer. We encourage pain medication with a medical doctor, imaging and treatment with an urgent care facility, and time off of work. Once those steps have been taken it is time for a chiropractic spinal exam specifically for chiropractic accident care if it has not been done immediately already. Superficial symptoms will subside, however subsequent long term injuries linger and show up over time if not treated within the first few weeks of the injury date. This is why chiropractic accident care is necessary. Among those are: concussions, ligament stiffness and instability, poor posture due to stiffness and pain, nerve damage, and chronic inflammation. The examination and imaging taken will show the treating doctor how exactly to treat each case and restore the patient’s health. This process can be lengthy depending on the severity of the injuries. Changes in health are monitored during the recovery process during a follow up chiropractic spinal exam and are always geared toward preventing the injuries from becoming permanent.

It may be difficult to heal completely due to the healing time and effort required, but think about what your spine and nervous system would be suffering for years to come without appropriate care. The chiropractic adjustments mobilize and restore the affected joints and surrounding soft tissue. This enables your alignment to return to it’s normal state before the impact of the collision happened. Often times patients find that once their treatment plan has been completed they feel even better than they did before their injury. This is because chiropractic brings a person to a state of wellness above their perceived normal. If you or a loved one has been recently affected by a motor vehicle accident call Dr. Rankin at South Metro Wellness Clinic at 952 892 5006. Please see the car accident care page on the website for a much more complete set of helpful information on what to expect from treatment. Stay tuned to the blog for additional posts on other aspects of recovery from an accident.


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