Good afternoon community! Thank you for visiting the blog page and supporting the uptick in traffic to South Metro Wellness. Today’s message is the power of positivity! It’s a rainy mid June day. Lot’s of our members have been absent enjoying the summer and providing day care for family as school is out. This has affected patient visits as well as morale. After seven years of practice I know what to expect, but that doesn’t mean it’s gotten easier to not see your faces every week. So today and for the rest of the week I wanted to share with you the project I am working on and how you can help be a part of it. Several weeks ago I decided to change my attitude and focus on something new. I have never been good with web site speak or social media but I knew our practice could benefit so I jumped in to give it a try. Since then, I have claimed my google listing, found a facebook page I didn’t know was still working, took over my admin for our site, opened this blog, updated our web needs, launched a google campaign, and learned how to ask for help. We were able to trouble shoot a lot of simple issues and removed a number of barriers preventing new users from finding us. Not only that, but this project of being more positive also lifted our team out of other discouraging challenges and gave us something to look forward to together. We found more unity over something simple and small than we have in a long time. Guys: The Power of Positivity! Do not underestimate it. Stay focused on something positive and not shopping, eating, or napping and see what a few small changes can add to your life.

This morning I took the first call for a patient looking for a reflexology massage therapist. Needless to say, we have the best one- so it was an exciting moment. Our google campaign led to visible listings via search this morning and we we able to review the traffic to our site in the last three weeks. Something we haven’t had until now. Results are great motivators. I am asking each of you for your feedback on our website, maybe you could spare a moment to visit or leave us a review if you’re a google user. If anything else, find something positive and share it with your friends, neighbors, or co workers. Pass it on! CR


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