Thank you for keeping up with our positive wave of activity this week. Today is Wednesday June 20! The first day of summer is upon us already tomorrow. The website is functioning at 86 percent, new patients are doing great, people are talking about health and wellness and passing referrals. We are in a great place and could not be there without each of you reading this post right now so thank you kindly and enjoy the photos. I found this earlier today and wanted to pass it on. I think it is symbolic of life. One of my former employers had a nice saying that we can always get better. You really are never done working on yourself. I am thinking of adding a video or doing a podcast this summer. I may need some training or some help so if you know anyone please pass them my name. I hope this photo and blog offers some mid week laughs or at least gives you something to think about. We are never done! Neither is health or wellness, or chiropractic, and yes….the website:)


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