Are you experiencing an uptick in neck or back pain? Are your symptoms worsening now that the temperatures have dropped? You may be suffering from seasonal aches and pain that could be alleviated by using chiropractic for pain relief.

Chiropractic and massage care are commonly used as conservative, affordable, accessible methods for body ache and pain relief. The length of day light is decreased, the colder weather, and autumn allergies are all things beyond our control that take a toll on our health. This especially true with aging adults. When conditions become less comfortable areas of your body previously affected by weakness or stress come to the surface. Headaches become more frequent, low back pain is now more evident, neck stiffness shows up more often on your commute to work. These are all common symptoms effectively treated with chiropractic.

A chiropractic exam performed by Dr. Rankin of South Metro Wellness Clinic in Burnsville focuses on the details that lead to such ailments. Small things become big things and lead to a decreased quality of life. These specific details become the focus of your chiropractic care that go beyond just adjustments. As a result patients get better results faster and keep them!

Massage therapy services at South Metro Wellness Clinic now include Reflexology and Hot Stone. This winter weather has arrived early. Invest in your most precious commodity-your health! It is the one investment that always pays you back. Massage therapy was been linked to combat the seasonal weather changes that produce undesired effects on the human condition. This includes depression, stiffness, deep body aches, feelings of fatigue and coldness etc. Call 952 892 5006 or visit our submissions page on to schedule either a chiropractic exam or massage today!


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