I found this little gem yesterday as I was looking for photos to highlight our chiropractic family wellness side of practice. I often get asked- “Dr. Rankin do you see regular patients too, or do you only see car accident people?” The answer is yes! We do see patients from all different backgrounds and wellness lifestyles. Most of our patients are teenagers and adults, but if someone needed to bring their son or daughter under the age of 12 they would be more than welcome.

The average age of the first chiropractic patient is 37..yes- 37. Can you imagine not going to a dentist until you were 37? Sounds pretty scary! The universal recommendation for a first spinal exam is age 18. The recommended frequency is one exam per year.

Let’s think for a second about what it would mean to wait until your child was 18 to try chiropractic. Most of you know someone who was diagnosed with a scoliosis, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder, migraine headaches, bowel bladder trouble, ear infections, digestive issues, etc. Most of these affect kids, and way before the age of 18. Is it fair to ask those people to just wait to outgrow it? Do you know that they for sure will? Should we educate the family about what chiropractic can do to improve the health and wellness of the child?

Regardless of age everyone has a nervous system. As we go through life certain health concerns are more prevalent at different stages. The child in the photo is my God daughter and niece. Would I think of not treating someone her age knowing full well it would help simply because her family didn’t know the value of chiropractic? Not for a second! Education is the key to helping families understand that we can correct postural imbalances, subluxations due to mild childhood traumas, developing scoliosis, hormonal changes and the effects of such, – the list goes on. This all improves the quality of life for the child. There are all kinds of family doctors in Burnsville. I encourage my patients to feel comfortable referring families with teens and children to consider my practice.

Chiropractic care is for everyone with a spine. (yes there are surgical exceptions!) The youngest patient I treated was 4 years old. She did very well. South Metro Wellness Clinic specializes in wellness care. This includes children. Preventing problems is much easier than treating them long term. Our Burnsville Chiropractic office is conveniently located across the street from Costco on Burnhaven Drive. We are honored to be a Burnsville chiropractor and wellness provider. Please call 952 892 5006 to schedule an appointment for yourself or inquire about how we can help your child. Thank you for reading my blog post about chiropractic family wellness care. We look forward to serving you in the future!


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