Chiropractic care is an effective treatment for migraines. In the month of October allergies were rampant. Every patient I knew suffering from seasonal allergies had their turn! Today without warning every patient who struggled with migraines reported an episode within the last four days. What could have gone wrong? The culprit is likely stress related and environmental. It is important to review how chiropractic treats migraine headaches and can bring hope to the lives of those it affects.

Know your triggers. Chocolate, red wine, stress, hormones, seasonal affective disorder, altered sleep patterns, and weather changes can all trigger migraines. Today my patients stated that the majority of their symptoms were in their soft tissue. Massage care, Excedrin, and eliminating the light in the room were all treatment measures. Symptoms ranged in duration from four hours to nearly four days. That kind of pain over a several day stretch would be unbearable. Medical treatment in an emergency case is also appropriate. My favorite medical doctor works in Burnsville once a week aside from his main office in Roseville. His name is Dr. Sanjeev Arora.

Chiropractic care is an effective treatment for migraines because it works with the body to help cope with stress levels. When your body can no longer deal with afflictions is starts to show symptoms. Anywhere a weakness has existed will be the first place to show. The length of daylight has obviously decreased this month. Circadian rhythms have changed as a result. Altered brain chemistry and Vitamin D deficiency could play a role. While chiropractic cannot combat triggers or prevent a person from being a migraine sufferer, it does make a big difference in the comfort level during an episode. This may be able to decrease or eliminate pain until your body can restore it’s health.

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