Chiropractic Treatment

Posture is the window to the spine..

Why choose chiropractic? 

The medical definition of subluxation is the partial dislocation in a bony joint of the vertebral column. What we typically see is a subluxation pattern in a person’s spine associated with physical stressors over time. This could be due to an accident or trauma, a work injury, child birth, or repetitive wear and tear.


At South Metro Wellness we believe no matter what wellness regimen you choose, posture is the window to the spine. Assessing one’s posture for imbalances from the front and the side helps determine how much stress is actually on a spine. The average person has 7-9 postural imbalances where 0-1 is considered normal or a mild degree. A wellness chiropractor will adjust to correct subluxations associated with said imbalances to correct the problem over the long term and educate the patient on how to stay as healthy as possible between visits. The adjustments are painless, as the doctor removes the restrictions from the joints to restore optimal range of motion. Your visit routine will evolve slightly over the course of treatment as the body continues to heal.

Chiropractic treatment combined with massage is an affordable effective way to reduce many general ailments not limited to back or neck pain but also anxiety, sleeplessness, allergies, headaches, stress, bowel bladder symptoms, and many others. The adjustment takes the pressure off the nerves associated with the soft tissues being affected thus over time reducing the patient’s symptoms. As a result chiropractic patients enjoy better quality of life with a healthy well maintained spine and optimal nerve function. Chiropractic is a safe accessible form of health care for most people and their families. If you are considering chiropractic give South Metro Wellness Clinic of Burnsville a call for more detailed information.


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